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Our procurement and shipping standards have been set in order to maintain the best quality, best product, and on-time delivery. Long-term relationships have been built up and closely nurtured with international and local suppliers, to ensure reliability.

All suppliers are periodically visited and evaluated by our management team, including those in Production, Hygiene & Quality Assurance and Procurement to ensure that the hygiene, quality and standards of products supplied are maintained at the required levels.

Strict security mechanisms are in place to prevent any hazardous materials or items from being brought in to the premises. These include:

  • Regular monitoring of internal areas and perimeter fence by CCTV
  • Strict screening of all persons entering the facility with walk-through metal detectors
  • Heavy-duty X-ray machines for screening of all food production items entering the facility
  • Strict physical checks of employees, visitors, customers and suppliers
  • Random checks of meal carts and duty-free items
  • Maintaining a dedicated area for Investigations

Security is also provided for vehicles transporting meals and duty free items to aircraft, on customer requests.