Environmental Policy

SriLankan Catering Limited is committed to meet demands associated with environmental responsibilities through environmentally sustainable business practices where the environment is thereby sustained for the benefit of present and future generations a like.
The company work towards Environmental Excellence by ensuring;

  • Compliance and dedicated observance to all environmental laws and regulations
  • Environmental impacts arising from operational activities are evaluated and mitigated
  • Foster an environmental friendly culture among employees where the environment is respected, protected and conserved
  • Waste generation is minimized through reduce-reuse-recycle (3R)
  • Energy and water conservation practices are established through optimization of equipment and systems
  • An Environmental Management System approach to continually improve environmental performances


Our Energy Policy

SriLankan Catering Limited recognizes the importance of energy efficiency which is a fundamental element in our global fight against climate change.
The company is committed to conserve energy through optimization of equipment and systems by ensuring that;

  • Installation and operation of more efficient technology and energy-efficient appliances are facilitated
  • Energy consumption is reduced eliminating energy wastage
  • A corporate culture responsible for efficient energy use is developed by educating, involving and motivating our employees
  • Unit-specific energy management strategies and plans are developed
  • 3R concept (reduce-reuse-recycle) is promoted
  • A sound maintenance programme for the building, facilities and equipment is established

Among many measures that have turned SriLankan Catering into an environment-friendly operation is the Autoclave, a machine which greatly reduces waste products and reduces a considerable amount of atmospheric emissions by fossil fuel burning with the turning of food waste into animal feed.

Until the Autoclave was installed in October 2009, the company was spending Rs. 1 million each month to incinerate the one tone of food waste that daily comes off the used meal trays of passengers, not just of SriLankan but all airline customers of SriLankan Catering, and had to be disposed of. With diseases such as SARS and Bird Flu spreading internationally in recent times, there are strict quarantine regulations on disposal of waste that has come from many counties across the globe.

The Autoclave, which was installed at a cost of Rs. 3.5 million, sterilizes the waste at a temperature of 121 degrees of Centigrade for 20 minutes, which eliminates all possible microorganisms. SriLankan Catering is now in a partnership with a model farm in Wennapuwa which collects the animal feed.

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