Mercury Award 2011

SriLankan Catering achieved the rare feat of winning two of the seven prestigious Mercury Awards presented in 2011 by the International Travel Catering Association (ITCA).

Category: Heavy Equipment
One Mercury was in the 'Heavy Equipment' category for SriLankan Catering's innovative Food Waste Sterilization System.

Category: ITCA Environment

The second Mercury was in the category of 'ITCA Environment' for our environmental conservation programme.

SriLankan Catering is known for its passion for conservation through minimum energy consumption and optimum recycling which includes converting food waste to animal feed.


National Energy Efficiency Gold Award 2010

SriLankan Catering added to its growing reputation as a model of environment conservation when it won the prestigious National Energy Efficiency Gold Award 2010 in the large scale state sector category. The awards are presented by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Sri Lanka's Ministry of Power and Energy.


Mercury Award 1985 & 2004

SriLankan Catering won its first prestigious global award at the Mercury Awards in 1985 and a second one in 2004, both in the Food & Beverage category.

SriLankan Catering's winning entry in 2004 was a unique savoury sandwich gateau, a delicious, appetizing, wholesome and nutritious sandwich that is designed to be a meal in itself.


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