The Operations Division provides food, equipment and ancillary services to all customer airlines on time. The staff strength in this department is 184.

The Division is responsible for the implementation of menu specifications and equipment loading plans with the Order Room updating the production and operations departments with the information received from the customer airlines regarding the order of meals. The department works on 3 shift/24 hour basis. It is also responsible for maintaining and inventorizing airline equipment along with ware washing of cutlery, crockery and inventorizing of laundry items. The driving section consist of 23 hi-loaders out of which 11 are with chilling facilities and 07 air conditioned commissary vehicles also report to this department.

The Operations Division comprises of sub departments, namely,

1. Aircraft Services Department

     Tray setting, catering loading and the driving section come under Aircraft Services Department.

2. Airline Equipment Department

     Ware washing, equipment delivery, spare packing come under Airline Equipment Department.


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