Aeroclean, the Laundry facility is commenced operations on 19th of August 2010 and designed with all state of the art machinery to provide laundered linen at its best.

Approximately 146kg of linen per 50 minutes cycles are possible at the Laundry facilitating washing, pressing and dry-cleaning services. A suit can be turned around in 1hrs time. The facility is operated on a 12 hour basis working 30 days per month. A projected capacity of 2000kg on 12 hour basis is thus fully utilized. We are well prepared to meet future increases of volume for which space for additional machinery/driers have been provisioned.

We have taken on the challenge of providing laundry facility for airlines such as Emirates Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Oman Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways inclusive of our very own SriLankan Airlines.

Our future plans are to expand the operation into diverse areas such as leisure and corporate sectors by providing quality laundered linen with a speedy, reliable service.

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