For Long-haul passengers or business travelers on tight schedules, rest and relaxation served with true warmth and traditional hospitality are luxuries is now available at the Bandaranaike International Airport.

An Unbeatable first in the island nation of Sri Lanka, once known to early travelers as Serenediva and thus named after, Serenediva pushes the boundaries of contemporary design and continue a course of aesthetic focus and modern construction that offers fully furnished luxury rooms for a deserving few with a touch of authentic Sri Lankan and warm traditions. Its interior decor subtlety encapsulates the magic and enchantment that is legendary of the beautiful island -Sri Lanka, so guests can take advantage of glimpsing Sri Lanka at its best and also enjoy that hideaway resort feel.traditional hospitality are luxuries is now available at the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Because of its size, attention to detail and service, Serenediva Colombo transit hotel provides passengers with everything they need to have a comfortable stay without leaving the airport or clearing Immigration. It’s truly perfect for a short rest in between international flights or as an ideal for stopovers or for travelers with early connections.

It’s also a perfect hub for corporate or social meetings. An airport hotel that is superbly comfortable and stylish in an extremely convenient location - a contemporary urban transit hotel "where the word transit is heartfelt warmth and legendary hospitality".


The hotel is located on the 2nd level above the main pier of the Arrival / Departure area at the Bandaranaike International Airport – Sri Lanka, in close proximity to the immigration counters, duty free shops, cafes and many more of the lounges of the airport.




Serenediva Transit Hotel

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