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SriLankan Catering carries out a focused, multi-dimensional CSR programme that is targeted towards emergency assistance in natural disasters, long-term care for the surrounding community, welfare of our own Employees and also at national level initiatives in other regions.

Community – Andiambalama Buddhist Primary School was gifted a two-storeyed building comprising six classrooms, which included one classroom especially designed for the use of differently abled students. The project was carried out from the sale of recycled food waste as animal feed to a nearby farm.

Employees – A brand new house was gifted to an employee who is afflicted with a kidney condition in the nearby town of Veyangoda.

Natural Disasters – For several years, SriLankan catering has rushed emergency food supplies, bedding, medicines, etc. to victims of floods in several areas of the country, including some of our own employees.

National level – Employees of our Aero Clean Laundry collected funds and constructed a building with three classrooms for a school in a rural area in Anuradhapura District. This was provided with classroom equipment and furniture by the company.