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The handling and delivery of every item we produce in our facility for our customers is a high priority. We possess a highly professional and methodical operations team that is intent on providing the most attractive yet easy to use packaging and tableware, to the standards and specification of our global award winning airline customers.

A modern fleet of delivery vehicles customized to handle airline catering services complements our operation, which include chillers and air conditioned units to maintain meals at just the right temperature to ensure that they will be completely fresh when served to passengers thousands of miles away in the sky.

We serve meals that are literally fit for and consumed by royalty and heads of state, and we take great pride in how it looks and what it tastes like. Our customers include legacy carriers, budget airlines, VVIP/VIP flights, charters and private aircraft.

Hygiene is of utmost importance in both dispatch of meals and the cleaning of items returned from our customers’ aircraft. As we are well aware of this need, we at SriLankan Catering adhere to global standards in food hygiene.

SriLankan Catering also handles the duty free stocks of all airline customers, and has a proven track record in responsible stock management practices.