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At SriLankan Catering, hygiene isn’t just a practice; it’s almost a religion. A multi-dimensional set of practices ensures that absolutely nothing would compromise our commitment to the safety of every item of food that we produce. These practices include:

  • Strict adherence to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) and ISO 14001:2004 requirements to develop, implement, maintain and improve quality, food safety and environmental management systems.
  • A fully equipped microbiological laboratory, which is used to analyse samples taken throughout the production chain, from the point of receiving to stores, up to dispatch of meals.
  • Risk of cross contamination is avoided at all stages of production and storage.
  • Clearly defined work procedures for the production areas, including cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • Comprehensive pest control and waste management systems are in place.
  • Health of all employees is tracked.
  • All staff who work with or around the production or storage areas, or are involved in the transport of food, are given strict training at different levels, ranging from Hygiene Awareness for newcomers, to Formal Food Hygiene, Hygiene Refresher Programme and Advance Food Hygiene for permanent staff.
  • Use of Autoclave to sterilize food waste at a temperature of 121 degrees of Centigrade for 20 minutes to eliminate all possible microorganisms before disposal.
  • SriLankan Catering’s own Aeroclean laundry ensures that even the uniforms of our staff are clean and spotless.