Sri Lankan Catering

Aeroclean, SriLankan Catering’s 24-hour laundry facility, provides laundry, pressing and drycleaning services for airlines, hotels and other customers. It is equipped with sophisticated equipment that safely handles everything from blankets of airline customers to bridal dresses and uniforms of hotel guests.

Having commenced operations in 2010 to handle the requirements of our parent company SriLankan Airlines, Aeroclean expanded its operations by broadening its customer segments and now caters to a diversified customer base which includes:

  • 11 airlines
  • 3 hotels and resorts
  • Airport lounges operated by various airlines
  • Several airport restaurants
  • Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd, the owning company of BIA
  • Numerous industry stakeholders for their test washes

Apart from the above-mentioned customers, we also handle all the internal laundry requirements of the group which include:

  • Laundering staff uniforms of SriLankan Catering
  • Personal laundry of SriLankan Airlines and SriLankan Catering employees

With a laundry capacity of 6,000 kg per day and a drycleaning capacity of 35 kg per cycle, Aeroclean operates 365 days a year on several shifts.